CBSE Notification – Fit Freedom Run August 15 to October 2, 2020

CBSE in association with Fit India has been conducting various activities for the overall physical, emotional, and mental well-being of our stakeholders especially the school students.

With the motto, “Running: The Human Body must raw from FREEDOM”Fit India Movement is conducting Fit India Freedom Run from 15th August 2nd October 2020 to encourage fitness and help. The concept behind this run is that “It can be run anywhere, anytime!”

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CBSE Notification


  • Run a route of their choice, at a time that suits them.
  • Break-up your runs.
  • Run their own race at their own pace.
  • Track km manually or by using any tracking app or GPS watch.
  • Post their pictures on their social media with #Run4India

Please Note that:

  • School will upload the data of the total number of participation and cumulative distance covered by the participants on the Fit India Portal.
  • CBSE and FIT INDIA Mission advise the Schools and individuals to follow the social distancing across the world.

All Schools affiliated to CBSE are, therefore, requested to share the information about the event with all students, teachers& staff, so that maximum number of students, teachers, staff and their families can run/walk for Fit India Freedom Run from 15th August to 2nd October on any day(s).

For any query and feedback, the schools may visit

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