441 teachers from inter-district transfers to Moradabad council schools

Moradabad The schools of Basic Education Council have got 441 new teachers under inter-district transfer while 125 teachers from Moradabad have shifted to other districts. Schools were allocated under the online process.

Schools were allocated in the Methodist Girls Inter College. On the second day, 120 female teachers and 58 male teachers were allotted schools. On the first day, schools were allocated for 220 women and 43 men. A total of 495 teachers were inter-caste but 54 teachers did not attend. About 50 teachers have not made their arrival. 263 teachers have returned home. Moradabad has a total of 1725 schools, with 1200 primaries. Of these, only 152 schools were allocated online to fill the vacant posts. BSA Yogendra Kumar informed that teachers will register attendance in the schools allotted on Monday.

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